Concert report North Sea Islands

In 2003 I played solo concerts on the North Sea Islands Wangerooge, Langeoog and Borkum fort he first time. In 2004, Spekeroog, Juist and Norderney came to it.

All concerts took place in churches, which are all oustandingly appropriate to guitar concerts since they are all not too big for the purpose and dispose of a good till very good acoustic.

I always had to deal with a very agreeable und mostly numerous audience. 2004, the audience’s resonance on Norderney and Lageoog was almost overwhelming: Each with 200 listeners! But also on the little Islands Spiekeroog and Juist, the concerts with each 80 persons were very successful.

On Borkum, I had the chance to welcome about 90 guitar and classic fans. Very enjoyable this time was the presence of a press representative (Dr. Ullrich Malchau) who wrote an inspiring critique about the evening.

Till now, fewest attendants appeared on Wangerooge. It were 30 in both years, which isn’t really little for a guitar concert and this little church. Spoiled through the concert evenings on the other Islands, I hope to welcome a little more listeners in 2005.

It has arisen many times from discussions after the concert that a lot of people did not quite know up to this evening, what classical guitar music actually is. The reactions showed that the classical guitar has some more fans now.

Mission accomplished!

Concert report Nepal

In the year 2002, I participated in the Kathmandu “International Guitar Festival” as a result of the invitation from the well-known Nepalese musician Kishor Gurung. This festival took place for the first time this year.

Unfortunately the mood was muted, because after a few months after the horrible murder of the king attacks of maoistic Rebels against the police and soldiers accumulated. The state of emergency has been imposed and because of that the concerts took place in the afternoon. Kathmandu was a dead city after sunset.

The other guitarists were the well-known Leon Koudelak from Liechtenstein and Woratep Ratana Umpawan from Bangkok, Thailand’s leading concert guitarist and Kishor Gurung from Nepal. Beyond it, the guitar builder Yuici Ymai, who is known by every guitarist in this world, was also there. He presented his guitars.

The interest of the Nepalese was exquisitely huge and according to this also the presence in the media. A couple of days before the concerts, a one-hour live interview in an English radio station took place, the television also reported about it.
On a huge press conference, the reporters from all the important nepalesian newspapers acted as substitutes and reported about it in huge articles.

The concerts took place in a wonderful historical hall which was integrated in a hotel. All concerts were sold out up to the last seat. A workshop was offered after the concerts. I was very surprised about the high level on which some of the young Nepalesians played.

The fact that the concert guitar is already more popular in Nepal than you can imagine in Europe is definitely due to Kishor Gurung. He organized this festival, is an America trained concert guitarist and accomplishes indefatigable pioneer work on the field “classical guitar“in his home country.