Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung:
“… Schettki doesn’t put himself or his virtuosity into the center, but the whole act. He serves the music ...”

Buersche Zeitung:
“… let colour spectrums blossom emphatic with velvety effect. Transparency, Clearness and colourful sounding variegate."

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung:
“… Schettki devotes himself to the tradition of this instrument, which’s soul he illuminates. He is an artist who withdraws himself completely opposite to the act. He abstains from the soloistic vanities."

Over regionally published on all culture sites of the newspapers of the Bauernverlag:
“… Four international guitarists meet up at the Kathmandu International Guitar Festival from December 7th till 11th, among the classical, string virtuosic Thomas Schettki from Gelsenkirchen, who represents the German colours in the Himalaya state at the festival. The fact that the guitarist who was born in Gelsenkirchen is allowed to unpack his guitar in Nepal makes him proud and is a motivation for the own career. Schettki took up a little time with that after a successfully attended music study but this year he feels that the moment has come to increase the numbers of performances as a soloist…”